About Us

Meet the Owners

Mary Delecce

Mary Delecce is a self taught and trained pearl enthusiast. When her husband opened Monterey Bay Silver, Mary wasn't far behind. With an attention to detail and presentation she soon became just like any other employee at the shop. Mary is constantly changing displays and cleaning the jewelry.

Mary Delecce is a passionate business owner. With good suppliers she always makes sure the shop is full of inventory. When Joe goes to the "shows" for Silver and Stones. She tags along and handpicks the Costume Jewelry, Pearls, and Amber.

Joe Delecce

Joe Delecce is a self taught and trained gemology enthusiast. Joe has been in the Jewelry business since (date). In his early career Joe Delecce started a diamond store in Maui, Hawaii. Wanting a change of scenery, Joe Delecce liquidated his assests and redirected funds into Monterey Bay Jewelry on the Monterey Wharf. Monterey Bay Silver was open for business in (date). During his time in running the shop the Monterey peninsula became to know him as Silver Joe.

Joe Delecce is a passionate business owner and works at the shop as a regular employee. He goes all over the United States to participate in the Gem Shows and personally hand picks each item he puts in his shop.